Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?
Then said I,
Here am I;
send me.

Isaiah 6:8

First Baptist Church of Hingham

Point Leaders receive and distribute Care Package items to their entire units, therefore vastly multiplying the number of recipients who are helped.
A number of these Point Leaders have served several times.


Our Current Point Leaders

L. Barrera
J. Beal
A. Craig
C. Dittmer
M. GreyTheroit
K. Jermyn
R. Lane
J. Magee
A. Maltos
B. Meyer
K. Nichols
S. Wagner
C. Watson


Our Past Point Leaders
S. Alcock
J. Alexander
W. Ames
C. Barney
W. Berberan
J. Breau
C. Bridges
K. Browne
E. Burns
C. Cabradilla
A. Calvert
M. Cazeault
W. Chiano
U. Chick
D. Clerkin
J. Cullen
R. Curry
T. Ebbs
C. Faulk
B. Finn
J. Ford
M. Fournier
T. Griffin
M. Guerrero
J. Hagerty
M. Hanlon
G. Hayes
L. Hirtle
J. Henley
J. Henley
D. Hodges
C. Houde
T. Houldcroft
W. Jenkins
J. Kidder
J. Laton
T. Livingston
W. Lopez
T. Lorenson
L. Lowery
J. Lugo
G. Malouf
P. Mancuso
K. Marable
J. Marquardt
D. Marriott
P. Maxon
W. McPherson
G. Miller
S. Mitsch
I. Nadeau
D. Norton
M. Olson
M. Ordonez
N. Ordonez
J. Primo
N. Ralph
P. Regan
J. Regina
J. Richardson
L. E. Richardson
C. Rizzo
S. Robertson
J. Ropke
M. Rowland
P. Rubon
J. Sharp
J. Shippy
W. Shugart
S. Smith
R. St. Laurent
E. Stone
D. Swain
P. Tibaudo
U. Toksoz
R. Volp
D. Wercinski
C. Wray
D. Yaccarino
J. Yourell

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